Elanor van der Zwet

Elanor is an award winning design professional with 20 years experience.  

Her proven business skills reflect her honest approach to life.

Designed many brands that capture a point of difference and brought these to life in spaces where the visual communication and interior architecture enrich another. 

"I enjoy building brands that engage and evoke our curious minds with great storytelling and create spaces that share an experience through unique design with brand personality.

I love designing products that support and enhance human behaviour and actions in everyday life". 


"Always loved book design. Its unique medium delivering information combined with the appropriate tactile qualities - such as: embossing, die-cuts, eye catching pms colours, printing with vegetable inks, pushing the industry to rediscover production potential and selecting sustainably aware sensitive paper-stocks. Its like being a curator and having an eye for every detail that fits the person who its for. Creating a sensory tactile experience when designing and making books is very important to me and I aim to inspire curiosity and interaction".

"Working closely with people on a more personal level and design spaces that make one feel comfortable; like feeling at home is the core philosophy"

"Undergoing an in-depth research into: finding a unique story or metaphor; historical archives; the market potential; the expression of colours; tactile qualities of materials; a selective typeface with the suitable tone of voice; production methods with sustainable solutions; attention for details and tryout of many concept ideas, creating a brand umbrella with future scenarios. All these are of great value for achieving sustainable design outcomes. Furthermore a clear strategic vision and a collaborative working journey is also important to create unique and memorable designs".

"In my view design is about wanting to delight the senses, embrace and celebrate everyday life, whilst also feeding the soul and intellect".



Ekoplaza // DA chemist // Shell // De Bibliotheek // Holland Pavilion // Holcim cement // Publications for artist and architects: Noel Lane architects, Richard Serra, Leon van den Eijkel, Gretchen Albrecht, James Ross, Marijke de Goey, Peter Panyoczki // Bath street gallery // Fysio and dentist practices // Nature baby // Manawatu - Regional brand Identity // Zarbo deli // Cathedral cove naturals  // Icebreaker - merino wool outdoor clothing // Gubb & Mackie Fashion // Richmond Farm fresh 


Elanor is a creative director, designer, artist, teacher and art historian.

B.F.A - Bachelor in Fine Arts & Design, 1999. Elam University of Auckland

B.Ed - Bachelor of Education in fine art & design, 2015. Hogeschool Rotterdam

(Eerstegraads onderwijsbevoegdgheid).

  • Founder - Design Studio 777 ​

  • Artist | designer | educator - www.studioelanor.com

  • Educational program officer | museum teacher | tourguide www.kunstmuseum.nl 

  • Art & design teacher | CKV coordinator - De Vrije School Den Haag


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