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Design Studio 777 is a graphic, spacial and product design studio that is specialised in creating brand experiences; By capturing the essence of your brand and tell compelling stories through unique design.

The studio enjoys to undertake a wide variety of projects:

Brand strategy, brand identity design, book design and product design. 

Residential interior design for private dwellings.

Commercial design for workplace, hospitality and retail spaces.

Exhibition design: trade fairs, exhibitions, world expo pavilions and events.

Design Studio 777

  • a multidisciplinary design studio with 26 years of experience.

  • passionate about book design: esp. fine arts, design and architecture.

  • creates spaces where the essence of identity communicates to all sensory perceptions.

  • a big fan of spacial exhibition design.

  • brings brands to life across multiple platforms.

  • is positive in creating opportunities for clients, who range from small individuals to large corporations, government, cultural institutions or non-profit organisations.

  • works close with clients to help to grow their brand and understand their values, objectives and wishes.

  • often collaborates with creative professionals locally and abroad.



  • Advertising / Marketing

  • Book design

  • Brand strategy / positioning

  • Brand Identity design (2D / 3D)

  • Brand storytelling 

  • Campaign design

  • Commercial interior design

  • Concept design 

  • Copywriting

  • Corporate communication design

  • Corporate profile design

  • Design education

  • Design thinking

  • Digital design: Website / Animation / Social media

  • Exhibition design

  • Editorial design

  • Iconography design

  • Illustrating

  • Info-graphic systems design

  • Instore communication design

  • Interior design

  • Marketing and communications research

  • Material and technique research

  • Packaging

  • Photography 

  • Poster / invite design

  • Product design

  • Public speaking 

  • Research 

  • Residential interior design

  • Signage design

  • Trade fair design

  • (Typo)Graphic design (online / offline)

  • Visual communication


Idea makers / experimental /  innovative / individual / simple function / well crafted / perfection in every detail / sustainable & enduring quality / aware / happy / wellbeing

"Good design awakens something in you, sharpens your existence. After all every creation has an effect in our world. So my aim is to stimulate positive interaction between product and usage with simple and effective solutions. Incorporate extraordinary ideas, intelligent use of sustainable materials, techniques and good storytelling". Elanor van der Zwet

Our team
Elanor van der Zwet

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